Hello, and Welcome to Gastro Portugal – A blog about Gastronomy based in Portugal!

Since the beginnings of YouTube and blogging, my favourite subject to follow online is food. I can spend hours flicking through recipes and food guides and I will never have enough of it. All of these years of passion (obsession) for food content has enriched my cooking skills and inspired me to create this blog. A place for me to share with you, my favourite ingredients, recipes, and gastronomic experiences. Here you won’t find unpleasantly long posts that often deviate from the recipes. Everything that has been shared with you hopefully will be useful and exciting! So, if you are interested in food from Portugal and beyond, this blog is for you!

Who am I?

I am Ana, a Brazilian living in Portugal. I’m currently an undergraduate studying English and French Language and Culture. My relationship with food and cooking started early in life. You know the cliché: ‘I was inspired by my grandmother’? That is my truth. She was a great cook and a reference to me, always ready to nurture us with her delicious cooking and love!

I have worked in a few restaurants in Brazil in the past, both inside and outside of the kitchen and I always wanted to go back to doing something with food someday. In 2018 I moved to Portugal for work and found a new country and its food, the perfect motivation to start a new project.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying the process of making Gastro Portugal!